Missing Symbol (Elemental Bond) Heroes of the Month 2019/2020

To the developers, please check the heroes of the month that have their elemental bond symbols missing when the special ability is activated, leaving the question whether or not it works.
The heroes in question are Reuben, Glenda, Zulag, Bertila and Ureu. of these I have only Reuben and Ureus, but my alliance friends have the others and have already noticed the problem.
Please fix these issues in a future update. Thank you and success.

Their elemental link is it spawn a minion. So there’s no active status effect symbol necessary. Everything seems to be working as intended.

@Ruskin505 I partially agree, since when the hero spawns the minion the symbol should appear (when activated) like all other heroes of the month, if it looks like you answered it will be out of the default. I believe this can be fixed quickly. Thank you and success.

The link could just be part of the special skill animation, but that seems unnecessary to devote resources towards.

@Ruskin505 It’s by no means unnecessary animation, it’s part of the game and it’s important to be at the default. Quality must be above all, always!

I don’t think it adds any value. You do.
I’d rather them not put any effort into this.

Minions don’t get a buff symbol. This applies to all minion summoners. I don’t need a special link just for these heroes because they have a minion.

@Ruskin505 I see… Anyway, it’s always good to have quality, whether for aesthetics or functionality. Anything that is implemented in the game that brings benefits is welcome. I think it’s a mistake not to pay attention to this detail, which does add value in my view. But I will not expand on this matter, if in the future others complain, it is possible that they will demand resources to fix it. Thank you for taking the time to respond… Success!

The icons on hero portrait are status effects.

Elemental link of Uraeus is not a status effect.

Currently it’s the only elemental link that is not a status effect, but I expect more in the future. Don’t expect them to have icons then as well. Consistency is the key. Why would we need a status effect icon for something that is not a status effect. It’s as simple as that.


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