Missing rare quest

The extra rare quest scheduled for today is not available


Well, to play devil’s advocate, they didn’t specify the time in their announcement :grimacing:
But honestly, it is indeed worrying.


Very true, but better start the thread early in case they forgot haha. Or if the social media team just didn’t tell the programmers this was supposed to happen, which wouldn’t surprise me either


Well, “Finding Recruts II” ends in 4 hours, so let’s hope the rare quest will arrive then.


Challenge Festival finished at 7am (UK), over an hour and a half ago, the rare quest could have started then.

Disappointed but not surprised.

I’m hearing that they did not forget, we should be seeing the quest later today

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Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Once again, expectations created which are failed to be delivered upon. It’s not like they have a track record of this. Oh, wait…

Well, we were also supposed to get the full Dragons sneak peek before birthday celebrations, which this rare quest is a part of.

So I’m all for releasing the quest later today if it means they’re preparing to post the sneak peek first

In a recent poll 61% did not expect to see the Sneak Peek released during this working week.

As to “Will it have been worth the wait ?” 77% said either No or Don’t care anymore and only 2 people (4%) said Yes.

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20 seconds earlier than birthday celebration start still acknowledged before.

So you’re saying the Rare Quest is being delayed waiting for the (delayed) Sneak Peek??

A month ago (Jan 26th) we had this…

“Some details” is being to sound like one heck of an understatement !

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Here it is

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Welp, so no sneak peek before it

I was joking with sarcastic and it looked not funny

Very nice, it’s the one with the tome!

After we raised it here on the Forum, and after PlayForFun messaged staff, they finally managed to deliver the promised Extra Rare-Quest.

Shame they failed to deliver the Sneak Peek before the start of the 7th Birthday Celebrations.

But did anyone really expect to see that happen?

Birthday celebration start tomorrow, not in hurry, i believe the staffs thinking that way too.


Birthday portal may well be arriving tomorrow but the celebrations include 3 extra Rare Quests, the first of which has arrived today (after some prodding).

A month ago

So why not release the details that don’t need work, do a Part I and a Part II.

( Unless it all still needs work ! )

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Someone knows if the quest for a telescope already came or it will still pop up? I forgot what we exactly had the 26th of February :see_no_evil:

Isn’t there supposed to be a Rare Quest today (Monday 4th March)?

I would have hoped to have seen it by now as it’s past 09:00 GMT.
(Yeah, foolish, I know :rofl:)

@petri @PlayForFun