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I just made a purchase and did not receive my gems nor mystic ring. I keep getting an error notice that says I already bought that package. It is not in my inventory nor do I have the gems.

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This may help:

Купил камни 1800 штук но дополнительных 14% не получил, можете исправить?

You need to contact Game Support. Please scroll up for instructions.

Вам необходимо связаться с Game Support. Прокрутите список инструкций.

I think what he meant is that he was supposed to get more. Where as it actually means you get 12% more than buying multiple 400 gem offers. At least that is how I interpreted it.

Пусть падавятся пидорасы, хоть бы щас выпадения эпических героев настроили нормально. За три месяца игры ниодного не выпало. Админы, разработчики и вся это кодла, дрявые пидорасы

This is sth like 1hours after i’ve been charged for buying a pack for 300 gems in ingame Store, and I still didn’t receive anything

Stop buying…Please see this FAQ.

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