Missing purchase icons and calender gifts options on the main account

Me too I didn’t see any of winter fun icon on my screen either… Even Halloween either. Can I get this fix?

whether it’s the main account or cloning account?
if the cloning account is in 1 smartphone with the main account, the cloning account cannot indeed purchase only F2P :grin:

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Make sure to put in a support ticket in game. That’s the fastest way to get help for problems like this.

i only have the one device and i dont know what you mean there was never a question of purchasing anything

i did do that thank you for your advice!

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Some people actually run two separate E&P accounts from the same phone. This can confuse the system and make buying hard. He was thinking that you might have a second account like this, and was explaining that this could have been the problem. Since you don’t have a second account, it sounds like a bug. Good luck getting it fixed!

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yeah like that i mean hahahaha … :grin::grin:
Thanx bro @Garanwyn


I had same issue. Somehow the internetconnection was not ok. I could play and chat but icon dissappeared. When I changed to mobile net the Icon for calender was there again.

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Game Support Center.

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my problem is back again pls fix it.

i just have one device and one account i use vpn sometimes maybe its because of that.

i am missing loot again because of this

Yuck, that’s frustrating. What happened with your support ticket last time? Were they able to figure out the issue? Did you contact them again this time?

no they didnt fix it permanently apparently . yes i have contacted them again they havent responded yet and they didnt give me the loot i missed back

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That’s a bummer that they didn’t give you the missed loot or fix it permanently, but I’m glad they got back to at least, and that you contacted them again this time. Hope it works out! :worried:

i am going to miss yodays offer and the problem persists…no answer yet

The next free loot is 13 hours away, and will presumably last for 24 hours. But I suspect most or all of the staff may be on holiday at the moment. :confused:

i missed the loot and they didnt fix it as of yet.they said its my phones problem which is 100% untrue my game runs just fine they just dont give me my calender and purchase pop ups

But it is your phone’s problem. Everyone else got the offer. Not saying I don’t think they should give you the free loot, it would of course be nice of them to.

why is that its my phone problem? its their algorithm problem that does not distinguish between using a vpn and having a second device i live in a country with very suppressed internet and severe censorship and i must use vpn to go on the internet and i dont its fair that i lose both my freedom and something else both at the same time!

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