Missing pov titan kills

I am the leader of my alliance and never left or failed to hit on any titan. But some in this alliance have 1-8 while others have 0-8. Is this a bug again or is it just this alliance.

Maybe players with 1/8 left to hunt titans or joined your alliance after PoV started and had titan kills from previous alliances?

Nope we don’t go hunting, and my Co leader has been in the alliance way before me and ive been there for a year now

Titan kill +1 is added when someone 1st logs on and collects the loot after the Titan was taken down, not immediately upon kill. When PoV 1st started could those with 1 more kill have logged on after PoV started and collected their rewards for the last Titan taken down? The others who were on when the Titan was killed (or in the time between when it was killed but before the new PoV started) collected their loot before the new countdown, so it wouldn’t show for their PoV. I believe this could explain the difference, and hopefully is what happened. It would be really crappy if there is a bug in game messing this up. Good luck on your PoV tasks :nerd_face:


This is just the beginning of all my crap!

How just how did i lose Boltusk’s limit brokeness? He was my first Red done

You didn’t limit break the costume yet

Well i guess i dont have a pic of his costume that was done so oh well

Player needs to hit minimum 1 flag for any titan kill to be credited with that kill.

Some on your side may have skipped 1 titan.

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