Missing POV points?

With the challenge festival that just ended, wasn’t there an associated POV quest? If so, I finished the festival but didn’t physically collect the points. Is it supposed to be awarded?

You are supposed to collect those points.

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Dang. That sucks. There was a separate challenge right above the daily challengers which you had to manually collect. There were 4 (last one being worth 50 points). If you hadn’t collected, I’m not sure that it automatically collects and gets added to the totals.

The QOL with this game has gotten so bad it is hard to keep up.

If you completed these, yet didn’t collect them, in my opinion they should autocollect based on the precedent that Daily Challenges which are uncollected when the new day switches over autocollect. Whether SGG actually considers this a bug or working as intended is a whole other matter. If Daily Challenges did not autocollect then I would think these would follow the same path. To me consistency is key, one way or the other. I hope that this addressed by SGG :nerd_face:

In Beta lot of time if I am not collecting daily rewards, then they are automatically collected by the system, when they disappear.
I am unsure is there such safeguard for the event challenges.

I am asking Staff about it.


Could you please message support with full details so we can look into this?


I will submit a support ticket.

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Hope you get this sorted. It would be a shame for you to lose out on something you’ve completed. Especially since the others auto collect. Let us know the outcome.

This time I have proof. Support was pretty adamant that I received the points.

Send all these to CS

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I did but wanted then here as well

Lol okay. Point proven. :+1:

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