Missing part of my purchase

I purchased ultimate tournament pack on Sunday and 150 adventure’s kits were supposed to be part of the purchase but I received none, got everything else to my knowledge but 0 adventure kits

There were 100 or 150 Rugged Clothes if I remember correctly…

Sadly no Backpacks.

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Adventure kits are always part of tournament packs

This was the first time this particular package was offered.



Okay it’s not worth arguing over I know what the offer was I know what I didn’t get I’m not trying to get anything for free just what I paid for so I will do the smart thing and not spend any more money on this game then I have nothing else to worry about so thanks for nothing

Check the link @Olmor posted - note zero backpacks were offered this past weekend.

It seems to me that no-one has established a claim yet. Pics or it didn’t happen and so on… But could we be nice?

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The only problem with that picture it’s totally wrong it’s not even the right price for the offer I paid for and I’m being nice this is 1st time I’ve had a issue with this game in the 2 + years I’ve been playing and all I’m getting is arguing so what is point of reporting issues

I can’t post a pic cause I didn’t think I had to take a picture of a offer from a game I play I don’t do it for any other game so why would it make sense to do it for this one the developers should know what they offered

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Now, which is the Adventurer’s Kit here?

As @sft1965 has pointed out, if you can provide screenshot with the same tourney offer with backpacks in it, we would be inclined to believe you and we will establish that SG is not offering the same package to everyone in the game.

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I can’t show you a screen shot but I can show you where the offer I paid for was only 29.99 not 46.99 like the picture you keep posting

He is posting $AUD, you are quoting $USD. Exchange rates and all. I really just believe you made a mistake.

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Wasn’t that the offer in the previous Sunday, not the last Sunday.

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That is best I can do it is timed and date stamped of when I made the purchase but like I said earlier I’m done with this the backpacks are the main reason I buy tournament packs so I know they where in the offer but my word isn’t good enough for people who should know what the offer was without proof so as I said earlier no point in arguing

Yeah. I agree. The thing is, nothing in your screenshot proved that you paid that amount for backpacks in the tourney offer.

Maybe this:

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If you are sure, open a ticket.
That’s the only thing that might help

I very possibly could have made a mistake but when you report a game issue the people you are reporting it to should have the information about the game to know if I’m right or wrong instead of depending on me to provide you with evidence that I can’t get because how am I supposed to know that this would even be a issue

If I knew how to do that I would it took me 2 days to get it reported here because I forgot my password and couldn’t get to this page