Missing or Incorrect Number of Atlantis Coins After Completing Stage for First Time During Atlantis Rises [MASTER]

My friend is not getting coins after level completion. May 23. 19.

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Two times now I haven’t received the right coins for completing a level in a province. I was suppose to receive 3 for completing and only received 2 for the one board and only one for the other. Please look into this. Thank you for taking the time into reading this.

Where it says 3 and 5 is that how many coins you are suppose to receive

If you’re talking about where it has a “Normal” and “Hard” modes in the Season 2 provinces, yes. However, that is only for the first playthrough for each level, on each mode.

Ok because twice on the easy level or where you are awarded 3 coins I was awarded only 1 coin and that was the first time playing that level in that province

Interesting… I haven’t run in to that. I would take note if it happens again, grab a screenshot, and submit a ticket to SGG. Would certainly be worth looking in to.

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I have finished 3 levels in Season 2. Zero Atlanta’s coins received and this is my first time through. I should have received 9

Thank you Zephyr for fixing the title and moving it where it belongs.
Have fun.

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You’re welcome! I reported it in the mod/Staff chat too, so everyone can keep an eye out for reports about it.

You may have to double check, possibly on the activity log, for instance I did S2 hard level yesterday and at the end of the loot saw 3 coins, I was about to consider it a bug, but when I checked it was an extra coins received for killing a rare enemy. Meanwhile, the 5 coins for completing the stage had rolled across quickly and I missed it.

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I can confirm this. Just happened to me a second time as I am working my way through Atlantis on hard mode. I beat 26-4 and got only 2 coins. It happened to me one time earlier but I wasn’t sure if I saw it right. Came here to post the bug since there is no actual bug report system.

Ok, I had a guildmate explain it to me.

Against special monsters you sometimes get bonus coins. They don’t combine them on the rewards screen so the first time you get may be 5 coins and the last reward is 2 coins. If you just see the last you won’t assume there is a 5 at the front because that is weird, but that is how they are doing it.

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Update on post,
As of last night , we didn’t have a problem.
We checked, the log in the morning, after clearing a new level and there wasn’t a increase in coins ( 12 after doing atl. Summon with saved coins, 12 after the level).
But last night every was ok.
Did find a couple of sea dragons. Too cute.
Thank you for all the help Zephyr.
Have fun.

Exactly what I just explained above.

I just went through 2 hard levels with 3 seahorses each. I have finished Atlantis but i recieved no bonus coins at all. :frowning:

It’s not a seahorse in general that drops the bonus coins, but specifically the Orichalcum Seahorse. Are you sure you faced Orichalcum Seahorses?

If the answer is yes, can you check your Recent Activity Log to see how many Atlantis coins you got on those levels?

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Im an idiot, had morning brain. Yes they were reg sea horses. Lmao. I thought i deleted post!!

No worries. Happens to all of us. Glad there wasn’t a bug :slight_smile:


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