Missing Offer for Hunter's Loot or King’s Treasure — Someone Else Got It, Why Didn't I? (or: I got it, why didn’t my alliance mate, friend, spouse, etc.?)

Question; anywhere in beta testing has a fella got an idea about trading in 5* for chances at past HOTM? Like any general concept how that might look?

Nothing like that has shown up in Beta at all yet.

The only reason it’s even something we’ve been discussing for months is because Tim mentioned it as one possible idea for Hero Academy during the AMA.

I expect to see Hero Academy in Beta “soonish” — by which I mean I would guess something like v24.

Hey zephyr I made all of the pulls I could and WOULD do. On my last 10 draw I drew 2 Gravemakers

Congrats, that’s quite the lucky draw!

Thanks and again thanks for the advise.
I am NOW C2P

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Woohoo, congrats on the transition!

Most players I’ve seen talk about reducing their spending have ended up finding it renewed their enjoyment of the game, so I hope it works out well for you too. :slight_smile:

I hope so also cause I DO love this game

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Is this offer not for everyone?


Thank you for the info. I was hoping it was a game wide offer…

Is this still an ongoing issue? I have 2 accounts. One had the latest epic offer and other did not. This is my first time seeing this. What I have found so far is pretty old like this post I am replying to. It is a mistake to send the offers to everyone. This will likely lead to me no longer spending money as it is a frustrating discovery. The account that I have that I would have purchased the offer did not get it. Due to this the game lost a $100 today because it was not offered to my correct account that spends money. Bad call if the offers are not sent to everyone.

I am not sure this is a bug. It is however an issue in my opinion. Looking for feedback.

I’d also like to hear more of what is known about how offers are presented. You’d think the bigger spenders would be marketed to more, but I don’t want to speculate

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Has anyone else had an issue with a member of your alliance seeing an offer no one can see specifically King Treasure

Players get different offers sometimes. Mostly those who are more like f2p or c2p…

And new. New players get more offers than old ones do.

Not very fair to everyone else. I would definitely buy the new offer too. Maybe it will show up later this weekend?

I love your way of answering our concerns, simple , direct , and honest… thx man we need more like you in SG …that answer explained it all and you showed respect for all … keep up plz thumbs up .

I ended up getting a $20 offer that was no where near as good. Looks like SG missed out on some money.

Query - I know some people get offers that others don’t but is it possible to get the same offer but a different amount of gems?

For instance I understand that someone in my alliance reported that they have never seen this offer with more than 11,000 gems.

And they don’t receive this offer anymore but someone else has - is that related to progress as @Petri said in the other thread?


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