Missing Offer for Hunter's Loot or King’s Treasure — Someone Else Got It, Why Didn't I? (or: I got it, why didn’t my alliance mate, friend, spouse, etc.?)

4 days ago my wife got the offer to buy the hunters loot package for €109.90; a very interesting offer (see attachments).

The only ■■■■■■ thing is that she was the only one in our alliance that received this offer…an offer I certainly wanted to pay for, but didn’t got the chance for… :frowning: what can you do so others do get the opportunity to buy this offer too? Or at least send me this offer, so I can buy it! :wink:

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I always wonder this too. I would be interested in an offer like that, so why limit who can buy it?

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That‘s indeed a really good one and i had take it

And no, not a single one in our alliance had this, otherwise i had heard about.

I suspect these are offers directed at people that have spent similar amounts in the past… my husband received it or something like it, but I didn’t…


Dear E&P leaders, unfortunately I didn’t receive a response from you about this non-collective hunters loot offer. Can you please tell me if this was a test, an error or just an random offer? Because, as mentioned, I really also want to buy this offer if possible…especially now with the new event (and heroes) are coming tomorrow…

Waiting on you response, gimli

It’s catered towards big spenders.

Spend more money, and perhaps you’ll match with the offer in the future.

But that is strange, because I spent more money on offers than my wife…

So why didn’t I got it too?

Regards, nico

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3 Words:


Ok…that explains a lot. :wink: thanks for your answer.

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About the only reason I can think of for an offer to be extended to your wife, but not to you. :smiley:

Why don’t I get the chance to buy top tier ascendion items like my gf did?

Is this SG’s definition of equality?

I don’t know why different people get offers at different times…at first I thought maybe because of time zones, but people in my alliance in the same zone don’t always get the same offers either.

Someone told me it had something to do with when you actually started playing, and that they are timed to show up based on that, but I am not sure if that’s accurate.


Or they could actually either be using advanced analytics to target people, or using offers to gather data so they can do the advanced analytics thing.

I would tend to believe that over start date, except when a complete newbie where I do think they make special offers to them.

that sounds like it’s more ikely……that or his gf got it because it’s international women’s day :woman_red_haired:

Ye well, all I know, they have always said that everything is random and equal.

If only the chosen ppl can buy the most powerful items, how is that fair? How is that equal?

Wait seriously? Can you screenshot her offer?

SG claimed this would no longer be happening after they offered certain players like 10,000 gems for $3.

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Here. This is her offer, that I would like to have also.image

Hmm ya unfortunately I don’t have an answer for you but it’s BS if they are back to offering certain players things but not others (particularly after claiming all players would get all offers).

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Did they claim that, though?

I recall seeing this post, which said they stand by their decision to show different offers to different people:


Ah, thanks for your reply. I did not remember that they apologized on the basis of “in this case the Gigantic Discount Offer was simply unfair” rather than it not being offered to everyone.

Still feels unfair to me as I was looking to buy some gems and now. not having access to this offer, definitely don’t feel as inclined to knowing that other people are getting a way better deal.


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