Missing Mythic titan avatar

Good evening, I have a quick question…I didn’t receive an Avatar from the Mythic titan. I was in top 1%. I was wondering if there was a bug? Thanks

Did you get top 1% for total damage or just top attack?

I have used the avatar so I did not encounter the same issue.


I received top 1% for both

I scored top1% and I was at work when the mythic titan rewards showed so I didn’t really see. When I went to recent activity later it (like yours) didn’t show the avatar. BUT, when I went to change avatars, there it was. Hopefully the same for you.

My loot looks the same but I actually have the avatar as @badassninjadad explained.

Great thank you I’ll check. Appreciate it. I did experience a problem with joining tournament and found I had to rejoin Monday again.
I lost Monday due to that issue and wasn’t sure if it was related.

These are my newest avatars. Unfortunately it’s not there. No worries I’ll try again next time. Thank you for responding to my issue. Really appreciate it.

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looking at whta you’ve shown in your loot there you did NOT get top 1% on both Total and Top damage as an individual.

If you had, you should have gotten a 500k Food Bundle AND a 500k Iron Bundle. Instead you got a 250k Iron bundle meaning you got Top 5% for individual total.

You needed to get Top 1% on Individual Total to get the avatar.

Reference: 🧞 [May 2021] Mythic Titan Event - FAQ & Discussion (Loot section)


Thank you Guvnor, :blush: I must have dropped and didn’t realize.


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