Missing loot

No loot was rewarded to me after titan defeat. Even though it usually doesn’t have much in it, I would like it. Reward screen didn’t show to claim.

Are you sure you didn’t click thru it quickly? Many here have accidentally clicked thru the reward screen. They received the rewards, but didn’t see the tally screen.

Yes I am sure that didn’t happen.

When completing stages or quests, I’ve noticed loot awarded is not showing in my inventory. This has happened multiple times especially missing lumber. I collect it upon winning the battle, yet it is not added.

Does it appear later (this has happened to me)?

If you’re worried about it, you can always file a ticket:

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I had 9 costume keys. I go on mistic vision and get 1 costume key. I verify my total costume keys and one costume key is missing. And this isn’t the first time something is missing. You are not making it easy to report a problem. I have a game account and now I have to create another one to notify your bugs,to help you resolve any issue because you cant do it in the game, you have to go in a forum. And so many topics. I haven’t reported my previous bugs and issues I’ve encountered in the game because as a player it doesn’t seem to be an easy thing to do.

No one here can look into your game account… We are all players just like you. What we can do is help you troubleshoot. Have you checked your recent activity to see if you got the key? If so, you need to file a support ticket with SG. If you can submit screenshots to them, that will help

Just finished Mt Umber. Rewards say that I got Rings, however my inventory has not increased. Started with 4 sets of rings and still only have 4 sets of rings.

More than a little frustrated because 5* asention items are so few and far between.

As above; if you’re sure that you are missing the loot #contact-support… instructions/ links are given above.

Sorry Gov but I seem to get redirected back here when I use game device to select report a bug.

Been on the forums long enough to know how helpful SG are to their customers, (the mods do awesome work), but the actual game just asks which end of the pineapple you prefer your butt to be reemed out with.

NB: Found the link and submitted a ticket. Cheers.