Missing letters

Is it just me? It’s doing it in alliance member list, raids, world map, pretty much everywheeverywhere there are letters in the game

Happens to me every couple of weeks!

Just turn it off and on again :grinning:

1st time I’ve seen it in over a year. Restarting phone fixed it. Thanks

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The mysterious vision is not available What should I do?

Close app, go to settings, apps, click E&P, clear cache, force close

Works for me or you can just wait it out

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Just logged on to find there are random letters missing from all the words in the game as well as the numbers on my wanted chests.

How’s your phone’s memory and storage? Looks like Version 28 could be bogging down your device. Does it seem to load pages more slowly? Do you notice if things move more slowly (the flying ducks, the little people walking around the Stronghold, the waterfall flowing, you moving the view around parts of the Stronghold)?

As above, best / easiest potential fixes include:

  • Force closing the application
  • Restarting device
  • Clearing game cache (NOTE - make sure your game progress is saved to google or Apple account)
  • Uninstalling the app & reinstalling (NOTE - make sure your game progress is saved to google or Apple account.)
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