Missing items! Hacked?

A dear friend and Alliance member is missing a huge amount of iron!
1 350 000
He went offline, came back iron was gone! Glitch or hacked? Is it possible to hack accounts? Please help. Will support give him the iron back? What to do? @zephyr1 @DaveCozy @Rook @EmpiresPuzzles

Not typically, no.

Ask him to contact Support, so they can check their logs to figure out what happened.


@zephyr1 can you please write a little text for me? You know better what to say.

He’ll need to submit the ticket himself, but he could say something like:

I had 1 350 000 Iron before closing the game at [date and time], and when I returned to the game at [date and time] my Iron was gone. Can you please check your logs to figure out what happened to my Iron?


@zephyr1 In the game right? And thank you!

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Yes, he should initiate the ticket from within the game. That’ll take him to the Support website where he can create a ticket.

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… with a humongous query string that packs “details of your account and device, which help us to serve you better and solve your request faster.”

(In case anyone was wondering why they can’t just hand out the support link directly, but instead ask them to initiate ticket from within the game.)


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