Missing items from Featured Shop

Has anyone else experience this: I did a few draws from the “Ascension Pack - Dark” today but only saw the +1, +2, etc above only the Compass and Trap tools that I drew. I didn’t see any +1, +2, etc for any other items I drew - I am referring to the Inventory section under Ascension tab.

You can see at Menu - Options - Supports - Recent Activity.

i only see the 3 Compasses and the 1 Trap Tools - nothing else. I know I pulled more than that.

Only 3* or higher items show a new item indicator in Inventory.

Are the other items you received of a lower rarity?


Yes they are.
I just saw that too “Only 3* or higher items…”. I also just saw “Yes, the indicator is there only for the Rare and Epic (3-4*) items (to avoid too much of notification spam).”

Thank you for quick clarification!

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You’re welcome, glad it’s an easy explanation! :slight_smile:

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