Missing Item purchased

I bought all 5 of the fire ascension item in the pack with the hidden blade being one of them. After I got all of them there is no hidden blade. it said clearly u would get 2 of everything shown and there was a hidden blade with everything present. What is more if it was working right I may have gotten it on the very first try and not have to buy all 5 chances to get what I wanted. So I go through support who makes u jump through more hoops than a circus for a simple purchase.

I’m getting real fed up with this whole problem and the next hoop I’m going to jump through is the one to the credit card company and they can reverse all the charges and u take can all your crap back. Acct: RFURW

No Thank You

P.S. I’m so upset after a couple of days of this stuff I may go to the credit card company even if you deliver on my purchase and have the charges reversed anyway because the delivery was not made in time.

It wasn’t 2 of EVERY item listed but “at least 2 of all the items listed”. This doesn’t mean you get 2 of everything (2 Hidden Blades, 2 of item X, 2 of item Y etc.) but you get 2 ITEMS from the list. So it could be a Hidden Blade (1 item) and item X (1 item). That makes 2.


When you buy it you can get for example 1 Trap Tools and 1 Compass (2 items of all listed). Or 1x Compass and 3x Practice Swords (also 2 items of all listed). It doesn’t mean you get 2 Tabbards, 2 Trap Tools, 2 Gloves, 4 Daggers etc.

Please, read better before purchasing. Also, demanding a refund after you received and item, just because you didn’t understand what was a written is called fraud.

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I realize I don’t get 2 of every item, but it did say i would get 2 of the items listed. The pack had 10 items in it and the purchase could be make 5 times, If I make the 5 purchases then I will have bough 2 items in that chest and once the chest is empty every item that was in that chest should now be in my inventory.

I bought the entire chest and in it there was a hidden blade, so where is the hidden blade that was in the chest that I just finished buying everything in it. If u are given a guarantee you will get 2 of everything that is in the chest, then that is a guarantee I would get everything in there if I bought the entire chest worth. Anyway you slice it that was the guarantee.

it’s the other way around. it clearly said you would receive 2 of the items here, I bought the items there and there was a hidden blade “there” and I bought “all” the items there. You are the ones on shaky legal ground, not it.

I also don’t go around insulting people and accusing them of criminal activity.



You clearly don’t understand how odds work. One pull has nothing to do with the others. If you toss a coin ten times and gets ten heads, there’s no guarantee the next throw won’t be heads again. You still have the 50% odds.

I didn’t accuse you of a crime. I told you that requesting a refund if you received the item is fraud, only that.

After you bought the first pack and got some items, did 2 of them disappear from the loot chest, that you could get from the next draw? Or did the chest still show you could get 2 of the 10 items shown for the next draw too?

to be fair, it’s only fraud if you’re intending to deceive them out of something. If you were legitimately confused about the instructions, it’s not fraud to ask for a refund. Of course, you won’t get one because it’s fairly clear. But it’s not fraud to ask.

This is what I said. This is fraud. But I hope he understands things now.

Try logging off so if you raid somebody they have a chance for revenge. It’s been two days, you haven’t logged off. Must have some kind if hack to allow you to stay logged on. I am reporting you.

Its clear, get “at least” 2 of the following. Its a cheap deal and the odds for each item are unclear (or equal), not sure but its legit. Assuming that the odds for each item are the same.

Just looking back at old posts and saw this response. I don’t check the replies often so I didn’t see ur post. I apologize for the inconvenience, have a bad habit of staying logged in mostly lurking in peer support. I’ve learned tons of information from the higher level players that frequent ps.

I stay logged in while in the kitchen or watching TV, pretty much all the time and suffering from severe insomnia I don’t have a regular schedule, sleeping when I can. Well, actually I use to stay logged in all the time. After a while what they say in ps starts to be repetition once you’ve learned most of what is regularly discussed. Now I just check it every so often and when I have a question.

In a YouTube video I liked what I heard from the video where they only do revenges in raids. so now I rarely raid and simply do revenges. that seems to work out well, except once u drop to between 2500 and 2600 players stop raiding. Those raiding look to loose only a few trophies and gain a lot, so to get raided I have to have at least somewhere in the mid 2600 range.

Anyway, that explains the weird message that came up while I was logged in way back when. I guess I should check the replies and not ignore them.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience.