Missing Hotm?


Someone from my alliance thinks he might be missing Hotm.

Facts : he summoned a hero, when seeing he was getting 3* he left the game before the end of the animation. But while quitting, he thinks he saw another summoning start but it was too late for him not to quit.

My opinion is the hotm would have been in his storage if he really got him but since I’m not familliar with this issue I’d rather ask.

What’s your opinion ?

My opinion is that he should never close the game before clicking on claim button.

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I have occasionally closed out before my loot finishes displaying, and everything has gone into my inventory. I don’t know if it works the same way for heroes, but it should. It wouldn’t make sense for SG to code loot to be added whether you click Claim or not, but heroes only if you click Claim.


Thank you for your answer :+1: