Missing hero


It seems each time I make an attack I see a header saying that have a missing hero.
I have checked and made sure each of the characters has a hero. I’ve updated it several times.
I am confused as to why I am getting this.?.?


Can you post a screenshot?


It is during combat and I’m unable to catch a animated gif of it


Basically, instead of the animation of the troops, there is just a thing
that says missing hero.


Are you using two heroes of the same color? If so, say you have two yellows and no purple, purple tiles will do 1 damage, and you’ll see the animation warning you that you’re missing a hero.


I do have 2 heroes of the same color. However I have separate hero troops for each.


I finally found a way to make in hand they made it give of the screen however for whatever reason the forum will not allow me to upload it.


Let’s try posting this way…

Screenshot retry


:slight_smile: So yes, that’s the problem, if you have two heroes of the same color, you’re missing a hero of another color. Tiles of the missing hero’s color will do 1 damage, and you’ll get that warning.


OK after more detailed examination, I realized that the missing hero comes up for the color used for the missing character card.
So this is probably not an error in the system, just an error to pay attention on my part .


When u are using two Heroes of the same Color then one Color is missing and then every Stone hitting the Enemy will reduced to one Damage. For the Color with multiple Heroes the Damage will be increased. So sometimes its very usefull to Place an additional Hero of the Stong Color and Dissmiss the weak one.


I have eeceived the same information and my wanted heros does not update. Real bummer


Hi Ghost! I’m sorry, I did not understand your post; it did not match the topic before. (What is not updating? In what situation?)

Please reply for clarity; I will move to a new thread if appropriate. :slight_smile:


When playing the game the wanted hereos are not found. When you destroy an enemy it also says missing hero.


there are no “wanted heroes”. If you don’t bring a hero of a specific color (i.e. you bring a red blue purple and 2 yellow heroes, but no green hero), then tiles of the hero that’s missing (green in my example) will only do 1 damage and say “hero missing”. The way to eliminate that is to bring a hero from each color. But sometimes you’d rather have 2 of a color and none of the last color.


The missing hero is not my real problem. I have not received in over a week WANTED HEREOS. I have chatted with other players who are experiencing this same problem. They are at much higher levels than me and they have the same issue. What do you have to say about the WANTED HEREOS ???


Please make some screenshots and show them to us


What are wanted heros? This isn’t a term in e&p.
There’s a wanted heros chest. Are you saying that chest is missing? That would be a new problem and I would be surprised especially that others are experiencing this


A better explanation, with screen shots, would be helpful to understand the issue.


You mean this?

What do you mean “it’s missing”? This chest will not fill unless you play Raid. The “heroes” in the chest are those you have defeated in Raid: