Missing Hero ,troops, alliance

1 of my alliance members missing their hero, troops and stronghold back to level 10. His still in my alliance but when he sign in to the game his not more in any alliance.

His already contact support and already reply all requirement to this issue, but the problem is until now no answer from support. He got this issue on 28/11/2019
Thank you.

Submitting a support ticket is the best thing you can do for those kind of issues. No one can help you with that in the forum unfortunately. #contact-support


@Aquaginera_7DD thanks for your reply. But support ticket already submit on 28/11/2019 until now still no feed back

Guess you’ll have to wait some more unfortunately. :pensive: I know it’s frustrating but those kind of issues are not handled in the forum. That’s what the ticket system is usually there for.


@Aquaginera_7DD bit frustrate because his participate in war and give impact to us.:grinning:thanks for your response again.

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