Missing Hero in TC20 @ Proper Time

Just noticed the time left on one of my TC20s… 12 days 20 hours. I should have had a hero 4 hours ago, but there was none. It doesn’t show that I claimed a 3* or better hero on my Recent Activity page or that I fed a hero today. Here’s a pic of my Recent Activity:

Please help. I’ve never received a 5* from a TC20, but if that was it I’d definitely like to have it. Not to mention I spent 100 recruits on this missing TC20 hero. :slight_smile:

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It takes 2 days or 48 hrs to produce a hero from TC20. So if you had 12 days 20 hrs left, it means you would have pulled the last hero 28hrs back or 1 day 4hrs back. :slight_smile:


Oh, my mistake. Sorry. I calculated wrong. :pensive: I coulda sworn it’d been longer. A girl can hope, can’t she!? :sunglasses: Thanx for catching my error.


No worries. I have made this mistake many times so I know about it. We all learn something new everyday. All the best for your TC20 pulls, hope you get some great heroes. Happy gaming. :slight_smile:

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