Missing hero / glitch

Dear e&p staff/employees. On the 4th of October 2019 I purchased a hero summon I received chao as my pull, then saw that I got a bonus summon. I was very excited as I really wanted kingston. But to my displeasure it was a 2nd chao…I spend gems on the regular and also purchase v.i.p I am not happy about this! Please look into my account and resolve this problem as soon as possible! Thank you :slight_smile:

You’ll have to fill out a ticket for that one. See link below.


I’d be interested though. Can you go to your recent activity log and snap a picture? If you’re correct, you’ll have two chao’s right next to each other. Would be funny to see.

the things is with this two caho i got i ended up with 3 so i fed one to the other and now i have two with the one i already had , after that i actually checked the recent activities

No question i earn two

Based on the above, you did not. You would have shown two of him next to each other. Good luck.

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