Missing hero from event summon

At The event Summon I got a 4star hero but cannot find it in my hero list. Lost 300 gems and got no hero.

Did you actually receive the hero, or were you looking at the sample Heroes the game cycles through while you are summoning?

The samples are no guarantee of what you will get; “your mileage may vary.”

I spent 300 gems at the elemental summon and I got 3* Karil, but I don’t have his on my heroes list. Please check this and inform me about any resolved.

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Translation: I’m also going through this, I summon him or win after I check to get on my team he just disappeared. :disappointed_relieved:

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What do you mean? We’re you doing an Epic or Elemental Summons? If Elemental, which color?

Hi can someone help me with regards to epic hero summons I had in the last titan I defeated and gave me 5 star epic hero but didn’t give it to me

Hi I defeated the titan in last round and it gave me a free epic hero summons, clicked the summons an it gave a 5 star purple but it didn’t give it to me at all how can I retrieve this one back

No offense @Firelady, but what you are saying is not making a lot of sense…

If you’re saying that an alliance member and you both got a hero token and when they used theirs they got a 5* and you used yours and did not, then sorry but that’s the game. It’s all random. Little is guaranteed.

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