Missing Event Coins

I played level 14 Epic Avalon Knights and opened a chest and received a coin… however when I got to the end with the bosses I lost by a thread, I was frustrated… when I checked my inventory the coin I won was not there. My question is do you have to win the level to keep the coin? If not how do I get the coin back? Has anyone else had this problem?

Yes, you have to beat the level to get the coin.

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Thanks tiger… not what I wanted to hear :joy::joy: since I won the coin before I lost the battle… and that was the only chest I saw in Epic…

I lost a coin this way, but not losing. Just being stupid. I restarted hundreds times the missions for a better score. No good board? Restart. No time and patience to play each one to the end. And one mission dropped a coin in the first wave. I kept playing, since is 5k points worth. But a terrible board with second wave and taking a lot of time, made me restart the mission. After that I realized I lost the coin :rofl:

With my heroes I was just barely making it through the end of legendary… now I can’t finish epic and can’t get through all of legendary… I’m done doing events… don’t care any more…

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