Missing Epic Troops

An alliance mate ( hasn’t been on the forum long enough to post, so am reporting it for him. ) purchased the brawler combo pack and pulled 2 epic troop summons at about 12: 50 Eastern Standard time today. He did not receive either troop, one being a 4* Imperial ice, which to a new player, is helpful. Wondering if anyone else ran into this problem.
Know I’d be fairly miffed myself for not getting what I paid for.

Ask him to check his Recent Activity to double check whether he received them or not. :slight_smile:


Thank you and I’ll ask him to check.

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I was informed they did show up in recent activity but the draw had come up a 4* Ice troop not the 3* he received in his inventory.

If his recent activity shows a 4* troop and he doesnt have one in inventory then have him open a support ticket. My guess is he pulled a 3* and received it and the recent activity log will confirm

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Interested to see how this goes

My understanding is when he did the summons he pulled the 4* Imperial Knight Lords and a 3* Barbaric Troop, when he checked his inventory they were not there. As suggested he went into recent activity and found a 3* ice troop listed, not the 4* he saw in the actual draw he had performed.

Well you said hes a new player… alot of the troops look alike and can be easily confused.

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I am going to agree this is the most likely scenario

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I can relate to that. I got way too excited once pulling an Exalted Guardian Constructs troop, until I noticed there was a star missing.


I’d be inclined to agree yet for knowing him from other venues, as ally or adversary, he’s quick on the uptake.
Anything is possible.

OMG, I have pulled so many of them in a row but can’t strike the 4* yellow that I lust after.

Shadow was addressing this for me as I couldn’t post when it happened. Initially, neither had shown up in my inventory and got suggestions for me to figure out what happened. When I checked recent activity what showed up was a 3* imperial troop, not what I had pulled in the draw , it was the Imperial knight lords, 4* followed by a 3* Barbaric. I’d only pulled the 2 so I wasnt mistaken.
I’m a bit ocd-ish about what I’m getting lol
It’s not that big a deal, just wanted to bring it up, see if anyone else had a problem with this other if I just my good fortune.

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