Missing diamonds?

Just wondering if anybody else has had their diamonds missing?? I woke this morning to 297 diamonds when i went to bed with over 400+ ?? Is it possible that someone could access or steal them? Anyone else have this problem?

Should not be possible. If you‘re a 100% sure then send a ticket to the support.

Unfortunately I’m not that smart when it comes to doing that ticket stuff. I just wonder because I’ve had it happen before on FB/ JPC who is also developed by SG.
So i thought I’d check, it’s not a lot of diamonds but they’re not cheap either.
Thanks for your input Maaeetz!:wink:

As @Maaeetz said, for that sort of account-specific issue, you’d need to contact Support. No one on the Forum (Staff included) addressed player-specific issues.

If you do decide you want to contact support, here are the instructions:

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