Missing crafting items

I am not receiving crafting items. I am playing season 2 to get more crafting items. I play and it shows that I received the items but when I get to my crafting shed the items are not there! Ex: I played S2P12 for crude. It said I got 1 each time I played but when I went to craft tornados I didn’t have any crude! I’m playing the hard side so it’s costing me 12 flags each time!!!

I am having the exact same problem. I’m playing Season 2 also! It said I received the oil and/or leather strips every time but when I go to craft they are not there!,

Is it possible you’re noticing this same issue I did?

As it turned out, the item increase indicators only show for 3-4* ingredients.

If you’re checking your inventory before farming, and the number itself isn’t changing after running a level, then that’s something different.

Zephyr, thanks for your reply. I have a different problem tho. I’m not checking the “new” status of my items. I’m physically counting what shows up as inventory when I pull up something to craft.

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That’s what I thought you meant based on your post, just wanted to make sure it was that they were “actually” missing as opposed to just not being clear they’d entered inventory (which is what my issue turned out to be).

This definitely sounds like something different, and a really major issue.

EDIT: Just to clarify one thing:

Is that screenshot above from right after that? Since you have 3 in inventory, I’m wondering if you were literally at 0 before that, and got 3, and just don’t have a 4th one yet to craft a tornado. I know this is a silly question, just making sure we’re not overlooking the basics.

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