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I have 3x costumes, Bane, which when trying to level up one’s costume, app doesn’t recognize the other two Bane. Please advise.

Thanks :smile:

Hmm. I don’t exactly get your question. But if you saying that leveling the costume on one Bane is not having any effect on other two Banes, then that is the intended design. The costume needs to be leveled up on each Bane seperately. But if this is not the case, then apologies in advance. Maybe providing some screenshots might help. :slight_smile:

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Here is FAQ costume: Hero Costume FAQs! Please read for answers to most questions before posting new questions

Costume only need 1x, dups only valuable as feeder for Hero-Costume-Yellow.
So, you can choose which Bane you want to max, and which maxxed Bane want to level his costum.
Bane 1: without costume maxxed, costume maxxed
Bane 2: without costume at level 1.1, costume at level 1.1
Bane 3: … and so on.
Each Hero have seperate level both (original and the costume).


Sorry, tried to be easy as possible when posting.
So, I have one Bane that I want to upgrade with my other two Bane’s costumes. Under custume tab, it indicates that my one babe is last copy. But he’s not. I hope this time it’s more clear? :frowning_face:

Okay, now I understand more clearly. So, you have 3x Bane costume, but when you are trying to feed one Bane costume, the other two are not showing up in the costume tab? That definitely seems like a bug. Can you please provide a screenshot of that page :slight_smile:

I followed the instructions on how to report a bug, but seems like I’m getting lost there too. :sob:
What to do?

Okay, before you post the bug, one last request. Can you go to your “costumes” tab in your Inventory and confirm that you indeed have 3 copies of Bane costume? :slight_smile:

Yes, I do. Costume tab states last copy, but inventory shows 3x Bane costumes… those literally I’d drawn.

I’ve posted the screenshot… that’s exactly what it looks like when I go in there.

Can you post the screenshot where it says 3x costumes in your inventory?

Also, could you have used them up earlier? You can check your last few 3* & above items usage in:

Menu - Options - Support - Recent Activity

Okay, you did provide the screenshot for the costume leveling, but can you also post a screenshot of the inventory, where it shows the number of Bane costumes you have. :slight_smile:

Multiple heroes can share a costume. Is it possible you have 3 names and one costume? And all 3 names are equipped with the costume? That would not be a bug, but rather a feature. It is also described in the faq linked above.

Here is the proof of 3 Bane costumes, and no, I’ve never leveled up using their costumes.

Could someone please help me how to get this rectified considering this concern is quite legit…

See my post above. You have 3 heroes, not costumes. You only need one costume and all heroes can use it but they have to be leveled separately. I refer you to the faq link posted earlier.


My three heroes have the costume banner left above… also all three allow me to choose between normal and costume…but apparently, the inventory doesn’t recognize the 2 additional costumes.

These are some of the many questions answered in the post I’ve now referred you to three times. Look particularly at Q3. This should help you.

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LittleKAF, just for clarification purpose…I have to have ascended costumes to tier 2 before they can do used? If so, my Caedmon hasn’t been, and I can see both… Sorry if I’m being complex :sad:

That one thread spells it out well. I’ll try to briefly summarize.

A costume needs to be ascended. It cannot be ascended higher than a hero is. So for a 1.1 Caedmon, you can only level the costume to 1.40. You cannot ascend it until the base hero is ascended.

If a hero is 4.1, a costume can be 4.70 but it cannot be emblemed.

Only one costume is needed for each copy of a hero, but each costume needs to be leveled independently.

There is no need for duplicate costumes. Feed them away for the extra xp bonus.

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I perfectly understand the ascension procedures between the two, but still it is very much unclear to me about why I can’t use one Bane’s costume to feed it to another Bane’s costume. I’m not talking about ascending, just wanting to using one costume to train another costume. That’s all…

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