Missing chevron on Quintus

Hello. I don’t know where to put this, but I have an issue. I have quintus ascended till 3-Rd chevron. And around 2 month ago one chevron is missing but I still need items for as last chevron to upgrade him. It happened around jully 2019. Can someone help in this issue?

Hi @Wolkus, welcome to the Forum!

I’m not sure I’m understanding. What exactly happened around July, and what are you trying to figure out now?

I guess he’s saying he’s at 3/70 because Quintus doesn’t have another chevron & is unable to ascend him… but then again he still needs mats to max him. A picture of his Quintus would be helpful though…


Like sg 13 said. My hero is at 60 level. Maxed out at second chevron. And it was on 3-Rd chevron. But mats are the same for 3-Rd chevron now. And BTW how I make a picture inside my game, it is on my phone.

Tap the circled icon in the screenshot below, and you should be able to post the picture.


OK I taped it. But how do I make screens hots inside game?

It depends on the the phone. Whats yours?

I tough as much. I have an old Samsung galaxy note 3.

" You’ve got a lot of options for capturing screenshots on the Note 3 . The obvious way is to hold down the Home button and the Power button together. You can also head into Settings > Controls > Palm Motion and turn Capture screen on which enables you to swipe your hand from right to left on the screen to capture a shot."

Thank you a lot GOAT.

That is what I mean. It had 3 chevrons. Now it is down at 2 and level 60.

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