Missing Bonus Chest Rewards


Today, I summon 30x two times and I got only 3 bonus chest rewards. Afterwards, I summon 30x three more times and 10x as well but I did not check the available bonus chest rewards. Vahlala is now over and I can’t get my chest.

So, why I had only 3 chests for 60 summons?

And how can I track and open the remaining chests?


So you did 160 summons total?

You should have 9 total chests available, contact SH if this really is the case.

They carry over to next time. If you just didn’t collect them they should be there next time

I hope so but I was also wondering why I got only 3 chests for my 60 first pulls… And I did not want to wait for the next portal to see how many chests I have because it could be too late for SG support to check.

I would appreciate if they can take a look on my account…

5x30 + 3x10, so I think more around 180 in total.

Hiya @Prosper973

In order for SGG to look into something like thisyou will have to create a support ticket & contact the actual support team.

This is a community run forum so we are just players (like yourself)… can’t actually do any investigating in the game code/ logs :wink:

So yeah, best thing is to #contact-support
How to Contact Support (v1.9.7 onwards)

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