Missing bonus ascension chest

I did 10+ pulls in Underwild early this morning 10/10/2021 around 7:30 CST and I should have received a bonus ascension material chest but they didn’t appear to register. How do I report this and will Small Giant help with this issue?

Thank you!

You need to contact support:

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Thank you for responding. I tried following the link but it was dead.
Trying to find where to report a problem on the website is very confusing but I am trying.

Thank you again,

Carrie Johnson

This is the exact support ticket form, where you can report an issue:

You will need your account# from the game (which is visible in Options menu / About)

Sadly, that seems to be broken. It will send you a confirmation that your account ID #ABC123 is missing (in chrome/gmail etc. anyway). The trick is to respond to that message above the line that says do not respond below the line. SG are responsive to these enquiries.

Thank you for the clarification. Now I am missing 3 heroes from the quick training I did early this morning. So strange.
I will attempt to follow your advice this afternoon.

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