Missing Berden Hero

Hi. I had train hero and I get Berden, when I collect him to hero list I don`t see him, I just have only my first Berden on level 15, I dont have another Berden on level 1. Time - today, about 8 AM
Can you may verify this? My acount - XXXXX

Hi Flamini!

  1. please don’t post your account details in Forum; we don’t want someone to hack you.

  2. is it possible that (a) you ate this new hero while leveling up your other heroes, or (b) you didn’t get the hero in the first place because you aren’t guaranteed the heroes that you roll for? Those are just samples. You need to get a confirmation screen, like so:

No, im sure that I don’t eat him, because I must collect some more green hero to level up another. I know that when I buy hero for diamonds I will get random hero, but I’ve saw him on picture after train him in my camp, and I don’t heve him on my hero list

Okay, I’m that case, you want to contact Game Support and ask for help with this:


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