Missing Atlantis Tokens

I purchased the $1.99 “400 Diamonds” deal w/ “includes x25 Soecial tokens thingie” but only received the 400 diamonds… help please

Not sure if your response was for the correct thread, but make sure you are checking your inventory (e.g. under the backpack icon and the General Tab) for your Atlantis Coin inventory. If you are certain you didn’t have the 25 Atlantis Coins after making the Gem purchase on this offer, I’d send a support ticket to Small Giant Games using the in-game support function under settings.

@JonahTheBard, @Kerridoc or @Rook, might either of you be able assist split this portion off to a different thread of its own?


Please check your inventory as per @Shohoku79 advice above.

If you definitely didn’t get them, please submit a support ticket through the game.

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