Missing Atlantis Coins

During the last Atlantis gate I did not attempt any pills. Took a peak today after finishing province 6 and only see the coins earned from completing provinces 4, 5, and 6. Is anyone else missing what was left over from the first gate opening and earned through regular means during the 30+ day wait?

Hi @Halcyon

Moved to Bugs and issues for you.

And please take all medication as directed by your doctor :wink:

Sorry, couldn’t resist.


Hi JonahTheBard,

Didnt want to create another bug report even though my issues is slightly different but still relevant to Atlantis Coins.

Am based in South Africa and on 27 Oct 2018 at around 09H30 I had the following issue:

  1. I had 97 Atlantis Coins at the start of game play
  2. Played and completed Season 2 - Lost Lagoon - Stage 3 and earned 3 more Atlantis coins along with other earnings.
  3. Having a total of 100 Atlantis I could now go to the summon gate for an Atlantis summon but when I got to the gate - Only 3 Atlantis coins were available.

My question is obviously - where are my 100 coins or at least the 97 coins that I had before?


Hi @21Banjos

Best submit a support ticket through the ‘Support’ tab in game.

They should just carry over.

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