Missing 500 gems

I am missing 500 gems and i don’t know how to post this on the forum… Please help me with this…

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There are only a few items that cost 500; two avatar items (here are today’s):

Yesterday there was also a special deal for a Trainer card, a Warm Cloak, and I think gloves (someone who bought it, please correct me).

You can check your Avatar (see here):

And your inventory (Menu > Inventory > Loot > Ascension Materials) to check for the Cloak.

If after checking, you aren’t certain, you can contact Game Support for assistance.


It was a warm cape and compass for me.

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I didn’t purchase anything…still missing my gems

Okay, if you don’t have those items, then you’ll want to contact Game Support with the link I gave in my first post.

(Click it, scroll to the bottom of the FAQ article, look for the blue link “Submit a Request” and click it to begin the support process.)

Yesterday when i took a look on my gems, i saw missing three thousands. And i didn’t touch any skip of anything.

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