Misses with special skills and titles

Has anyone else notice a lot of misses lately with both titles and Special Skill hit?? I’m noticing a lot of misses in every area, Raids, campaign and Wars.

I’ve been raiding for my chest and have been getting a lot of misses with my special skills hits.

Also I’ve notice some here and there that when I’m raiding that after my 3rd turn I get hit by special skills from my opponent by two and sometimes 3 of their heroes. I know some heroes gain mana a lot faster than others but to have my team get hit with special skills by two or more heroes after just 3 turns. Seems weird to me

Just wondering if anyone else is noticing this.

Nope, all normal for me.

Are you fighting lots of bane/Hu/justice/Drake because they all blind?

Or are you firing Wu, because he causes misses?

And if you fire a lot of tiles at the enemy, and they’re fast mana, they’ll be getting their special charged and shooting back :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s been happening with a mix of heroes, I expect misses of course just seems like it’s happening more often lately.

I personally haven’t experienced this either.

I would assume these misses are happening while a blind is active on your heroes, if you’re using Wu Kong and activating him before you fire your specials, or in the mist stages in Atlantis. I’ve never noticed a miss that wasn’t the result of at least one of those.

As for heroes your raiding, I’d assume it’s vs fast or very fast targets with several horizontal matches or insane cascades. If it’s become problematic, I’d try to stick to vertical matches on the tank when possible.

If anything seems off, like your heroes are missing without an effect active, or heroes are charging immediately without tiles hitting them, then I’d record it and report it as a bug. I’m assuming it’s just the usual mechanics, but if it is a bug- better to have proof when you submit it.

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Blind has been broken since I started playing this game. Always run one as it triggers far higher than it should for both sides.

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