Missed the Epic offer and now?

I woke up today and remembered the offer$22 for 3k of gems , gloves and rings . When i log in willing to buy It It just dissapeared .
I dont know what to do now , i dont think there is going to be an offer like that considering that they offered 3k by the price of 1800.

If you have a calendar of offer i Will be pleased. I have now a card with $25 and no offer to spend in

Well, you may resume at event offers Wednesday and Atlantis offers this month (which are two of them). These offers are even a better deal. You also may purchase VIP if you didn’t. Btw, as far as I know, every month in the first week should be the offer “Army Pack” (or something like this), with 3000 gems and some AM, which are rotating colours every month.


Thanks Scare! If It rotates every month i could spend in event and Atlantis and keep some for Next month

I want to push hard for vela but Next hotm is fine too

Just FYI: This offer is different from the offer Lexxtaarc is talking about tho.
The Army Pack is usually 3000 gems for $30. This offer was 3000 gems for $20. It only appears 2x a year: Early January and early July afaik. :slight_smile:


I am C2P and never buy something like this, so I don’t know the prices and the amount of gems as well as others. Good to know :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info… and here is the picture:


@jinbatsu scored That offer for my main so now I am able to do 2 x10 pulls when Teltoc goes live. For my other two alts, they are resigned to single pulls. I didn’t really need the items but they don’t hurt to have.

I see the yellow Army Pack today has 3000 gems. About these offers I was talking about, with specific and rotating colours. I think you made confusion with another type of offers.

Nope, it is all correct :slight_smile:

The offer the OP is talking about is 3k gems for $20. Today’s offer is 3k gems for $30. And the $20 offer only comes 2x a year - beginning and middle of the year.

Edit: Yes, I made a mistake, stating it was 2k gems for $20 for the army pack. Nevertheless, the new years offer is still different from today’s army pack offer. :slight_smile:

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Now Magicians with 2k gems $20.

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