Missed hotm? Anybody have the same? Ver.28

First, sorry for my english. So, I talked with support and they told me that it’s single case. Someone have the same? I received Telluria but hotm isn’t im my hero rosters.

Pls tell me if U had the.same situation.

You should contact support and explain them situation, also show them picture.

Maybe you didn’t lock it and feed it by any chance? I did it once.

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If it has been fed, it should show in the recent activity section


I would check your recent activity to make sure you didnt accidentally feed it. At least I think it shows that info since it’s above a 3*


In last activity any info about Telluria but Isshtak is there. Support told me that I should post it here.

If you sort your heroes according to rarity, it should be among 5*s, with less likelihood of being fed.

If Isshtak is shown in the log, Telluria should be shown as well, never heard of such bug!

Very strange that support would say that you post this on forum as a bug. They need to sort this.

I always talk to them directly over email.

I am still curious too see that recent activity log.

Yeah, me to. There should be all activity.

Ok, I will asked about that. that’s only game!
Ps. IT was after ver.28 do I thought that was a problem. I had mamy disconnections, problems with log in and this one with hotm. I’m new here but it’ s first ,strange time.
Thx for attention and replied.pls close that topic.

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You need to tag or flag a moderator to close your thread. I’ve done it for you. Glad you solved the Telly mystery.

Closed per OP Request

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