Missed hits- applied missed hits to enemy Tyr but my team was missing him

Did not have any ailments/buffs on my team that would cause a miss. Was not using wu or Ranvir but my hits kept missing Tyr whom I just hit with the Joon special.

Not sure what you’re trying to say… what kind of hits were missing? Tyr is a fighter and has a special skill that allows him to revive. So, he dies, and has a very high chance to enter what’s called ghost form until the end of that turn. At the biggining of the next turn, he revives and can be hit, but as long as he is in ghost form, nothing can harm him, all hits, tiles and specials go right through him, causing no effect.

My hits against we’re missing against Tyr and shouldn’t have missed. He wasn’t in ghost form. I hit him with a few tiles that missed that shouldn’t have. You can I don’t have any buffs/ailments with a chance of a miss and you can see at the top “hero miss”.

Do you mean the “hero missing” text?

This appears when a hero is hit by tiles of colours which do not correspond to any of your heroes. You only have blue, green and yellow heroes.

What happened was that Tyr was hit by red or purple tiles and since a hero of this colour is missing (i.e. is not on your team), the tiles deal damage of 1 HP.

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Damn, judging by the heroes on the attack team I thought it’s an experienced player…It never crossed my mind the thread might be related to “hero missing”… That’s more likely the kind of mistake a green player who never before stacked colors would do…

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