Miss mechanic

Why is not possible to miss deffensiv skills? Is there any reason why we not shall miss debuff removes or heals?

What are you talking about specifically? :slight_smile:

They did that for a period and the outcry had them change it back

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Real. Thats just sad.

Look at it this way - you wanna heal an ally, you can grope for them and they will lead your hands to the proper place. The enemy won’t do the same with your sword :stuck_out_tongue:


Thats a good question.

I just think its more fair if u can miss the defensiv spells to.

Wow… it’s not like people find the game frustrating or anything already. I’m sure this would go down a real treat… after all we do want to make it harder, don’t we?


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Its not that I want it to be harder, I just find it dum, we when can miss an offensiv spells but not deffensiv.

And cause some player cry over it they change it.

In other games a miss chance effects defensiv spells as well as offensiv.

I’m sure the Devs will take it under advisement. :roll_eyes: :wink:

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Dont think so think, if i read up someone said they change it cause of the whine about it.

It’s easy to point the finger at the Devs and say “they shift because someone cried”, but honestly with all the crying around here it’s plain to see crying doesn’t move them much! :laughing:

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Hmm, if defensive specials were to miss as well, then Wu Koong either needs a definate adjustement to the missing part of his own team or a complete rework of his special

Missing buffs would be a bad idea.

Why is it bad to have a chance to miss your buffs.
Cause if u have a miss chance on special it lyst mean all special then or it just be kinda childish gameplay.

And btw wu need some rework of kind, “chance to miss applies also to special skills” then u can heals and buffs. If it donst applie on heals and buffs.

I agree on principle that i would find it more straight forward if it affected all specials. i am not even sure how lowered accuracy works atm. For a while it depended on if the hero had an attack with the special or not. For instance: Caedmon could miss his dispel but Sabina couldn’t since it was connected with a heal and not with and an attack. Is that how it works now? The same with magni versus vivica. Magni could “miss” his defence buff by missing attack completely but viv couldn’t miss the defence buff since she doesn’t attack with the special.

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What I really hear you saying is, “Heroes should miss because I think that’s a good idea.”

I echo Infinity here: Why are you trying to make the game harder and more off-putting to most of the player base? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I don’t even see the principle. It’s not a common role play concept that defensive spells or buffs miss. (I’ve seen it before, but it’s not common).

There doesn’t need to be consistency… I like the original (somewhat glib) parallel drawn by @Ellilea. I can see a context (in role play terms) it which it makes sense that an offensive action cast at an enemy may ‘miss’… mostly because the enemy is prepared for it or has his own magic to counter it… but when casting a defense your own team won’t be actively trying to avoid it, so it would have a far better chance to land/stick.

But mostly… if it’s unpopular and been reversed before then the Devs are unlikely to be motivated to re-introduce it just for the ‘purity’ of the idea, and I don’t even buy the ‘purity’ angle, because it’s not a particularly valid role-play scenario.

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Exactly. Even games with magic resistance almost always do NOT affect positive spells cast by your allies.

Evan is given cases where u have 2 specials that does the same, but 1 is 100% hit and the other got a miss chance. I just dont find it fair that I have a disadvantage with some heroes.

And also the wu kong if hes special dosnt applie on your heroes only heals and buff/debuff without an atk they need to change the text.

And I dont find the game will be harder cause we lose the chance hit ours special when we are blind it just rng.