Miss Fortune?

Hi… My name is QB…
Yesterday i’m using my 200 atlantic coins (2x100) and only get tyrum and carver, 3 stars hero from season 1.
After that, using 2 epic hero token, and again get only other 3 stars hero, brienne and ulmer.
Anyone having the same bad streak like me?

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Hi QB,
I think a lot of people will say that they had the same bad luck as you.

You only have to read this post (I hope the link works, this is the first time I’ve tried it) to find players who didn’t get what they wanted:

Any luck for Altantis summons?:

I got Wilbur and the HOTM Khionna, so I’m very happy.

I lost count but my last 80-90 epic coins give me exactly zero 5* heroes (and something like 20-30 3* in a row).

My last 50 Tc20 trainings again zero 5* (but i kinda happy rather then another 5* i do not want)

My last 20 pulls (10 of them in atlantis) wait for it…! Yes, zero 5* and only two 4* (none of them of atlantis)

Yes, thats totally possible and totally in line with my hero luck.
I really guess it is linked on how much ascension materials i have, and curious to see the very moment i spend them if this “mysterious unlucky strike” suddenly change.

I haven’t had any epic hero tokens in a long, long time, so you’re still ahead of me :wink:

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Maybe, but i fight 11-12* titans, skip wanted/raid chest (for elemental chests) and place top 100 every month in 2/3 difficulty on the event (and receive 1 for each contest)
What’s more i purchase sometimes the gems offers and back then the calendar offers who contains them.

All of that for… Nothing.

Sorry for the confusion Elpis, my previous response was to the OP.

It does seems like you are having a bad run for your efforts though.

I am on 7* titans and only aiming for event completion, so my source of tokens is just the usual chests and quests. The elemental chests since July 1st have only had silver tokens and the ratio of farmables to un-farmables is underwhelming, So I’m not rushing quests anymore.

That being said, I think it’s 4 tokens since July 1st, 2 one of which was from the season 1 reward and one from a special deal with saved gems from VIP, which is about to run out :slight_smile:

I know it’s random and other people get more from those sources, so no point me moaning about it.