Mismatch between tournament rank and score displayed in raid/tournament section vs rank and score displayed when loot is rewarded - exactly 200 score points difference 2 weeks in a row

Dear all. Could a developer please check this since it happened to me in the last 2 tournaments?
When I check my tournament results it shows top 25% and 8424 score, but when I got the reward it showed top 50% ranking and 8624 score. I checked the tournament score before it ended, right after it ended, good minutes after it ended, an hour after it ended and I was still top 25% rank and 8424 score and not how I was displayed when I got the loot. And of course I got the loot for top 50% and not top 25%. Exactly same issue I encountered last week, with 200 points difference. I was displayed as top 5% and when got reward was ranked top 10% and when I got back to check again my score it was the one for top 5%. Something is clearly happening, moreover with this 200 points difference pattern repeating. I have attached supporting screen shots from today’s tournament, to better understand what I mean. I want to make sure I get the fair reward. @Petri, could you please have a look at this? If this is correct and I am wrong, I need somebody to explain why is correct. Thank you so much. Awaiting feedback from small giants. If you need more details I can add the pictures from last tournament as well, or any other info you need.

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First thing that comes to my mind:

First picture (when tournament still has not finished yet) we see your score but the battle day is not over yet (still 3 more mins). At the end of each battle day you get points for your defense, even on the last day (when it says tournament is over in a few mins).

BUT so do everyone else. Everyone gets points for their defense in last day and i can assume your Defense was E GRADE since you only gained 200 pts. BUT other players around your rank had better grades and your rank fell down while players your were competing with near your range got better points for their defenses.

This is why you see TOP 25% on first picture, before the tournament hasn’t finished yet, and the actual rank TOP 50%, after it has finished.

Now the only thing that bothers me here is that i see TOP 25% again, even after tournament has finished (on last pictures).
I am going to make a wild guess and say you have NOT reset game when you took those pictures. Game needs to be Reset in order to update actual ranks.

I might be wrong but you will say this when you reset the game and see if you see top 25% again :slight_smile:
If you you still see this, even after you reset game (try a couple times for better result, sometimes it takes 2-3 resets), then you might really have a bug.


Thank you for your explanation. This make sense. Very useful, I was not aware that I should reset after tournament ends, because otherwise the result and score it shows might be inaccurate. Last tournament I did reset 2-3 times and it only display the last results later in the afternoon. I was not sure which score to rely on. I was traveling in the last hour, lost network and the game automatically reset. Now it displays top 50%. Good to know how it is calculated and to always reset. Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

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