Misleading Legends Summon

The legends summon is a misleading term and should be updated to tavern summons because there are many non legendary heroes in that summon.

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Epic Hero Summon has many non Epic heroes as well.
Rare heroes aren’t that rare.
Many things aren’t named appropriately. But the odds are clearly stated.


Call it a burn barrel because even if you get a 5*… So many aren’t useful versus these new 6*'s masquerading as a 5*.

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Legends is not the same as Legendary. HotM = Legends. These families are labeled “Legends 2021 Family” or “Legends 2019 Family” for example. I do agree with the responses above as far as portal names go and what they contain as well. Though, this is a bit different since it is two different words. I hope all of this helps it make more sense for you :nerd_face: