Misjudged heroes and reasons

Opinion piece. State one hero you have that in your opinion is overrated and one that is underrated.

Misandra is overrated. Yes, she is a heavily emblemed fighter in my arsenal and yes I abuse mana generation like no other to which end she is uniquely indispensable, but this has forced poor Magni into a way underutilized role.

Her 310% damage is 3* territory. The 42% chance at subsequent hits is most often a disappointment. Her stats are beefy, but underwhelming if you really do some comparisons. Still, possibly one of my favorite heroes and probably also a large shortcoming.

Thorne is way underrated. He’s basically Babe Ruth of E&P. A big slow bomber who hits late and drives guys around the bases.

480% and splash damage at an average speed is impressive even paired with his weak offensive stats. He is basically a slower tankier Lianna.


Over rated: Grave Maker - hits like a flacid cabbage and he’s just downright scruffy. No sense of occasion, no style, always in a rush. A poor protype for the classy Jean Francois

Under rated: Friar Tuck - mana + heal? He’s an Alberich for the everyman, a gift that keeps on giving and the hero of my heart.


Every mana slow hero in the game
And mok-arr!
Overated Finley

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I can’t tell if you’re joking lol. Friar does deserve mad respect for going to war with a big mug full of beer though.


Hey I just pulled Finley!! Figures…


Tuck is one of those heroes that have grown on me.

In the early days, he was just a disappointing fouth to Belith, Hawkmoon and crossing your fingers…
But in a Rush Attack 3* tournament he’s actually quality :grin:


I keep throwing him away, I will max one and try him out. You can never have too many 3* greens.

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Did see in a video someone had two tucks next to a girl ra for the Fast mana tournament did work :+1:


overrated: magni. I’ve been using a maxed magni (emblems and all) for a long time, and he seems to be the weakest hitting sniper of the 5*. often he fails to finish off anyone he hits. I have wondered if an emblemed thorne would actually be doing more damage in my raids

underrated: so many heroes here. going to go with Drake, I rarely see this guy on defense teams and while nobody ever says he sucks, I also don’t think people fully appreciate how lethal an emblemmed drake is. He might even be a contender for best hero in the game- regardless of use case. If he were properly appreciated, he would be as common place as gravemaker, who is on almost every team.

So many heroes and you picked the most common yellow outside of the tank’s role :man_shrugging:


it’s all relative, I almost never see drake in action though. I sort of think I should be seeing him in almost every battle- not unlike how often I see gravemaker or vela these days.

Can confirm, and I am grateful for that as he, Poseidon and Justice are my Raiding Musketeers who enjoy slapping around the tanks and feasting on the ham of those who dis them.


That’s because of his blind effect :rofl:


I go drake, joon, vivica all the time. kunchen is always wondering why his buddies are suddenly all blind. lol

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I realy hate facing him… and he almost always appeared about 70% of my raid.

:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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maybe my sample size is misleading me, but I almost never see him when doing raids and I am usually facing teams with tp of 4300+. I have started to see Wocky more often, which while he is awesome, there are definitely a lot more people who have drake in their roster.

either way, I am sticking with my choice, drake should be on everybody’s pedestal and we should all be cheering on bruce lee as much as possible.

I did not pay attention about team power, but seing from my last raid it is 4500, 4600+
And TP is not factor at all… it is trophy that matters.


You’re right, that he became a bit more rare, but he’s still on every 5th def that I roll next to Kun or Ursl.

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Jean francois

I see this hero in lots of top teams but people in the forum keeps telling he is trash


I’ll take any they want to throw away. I pulled like mad for him since I have no Gravemaker. Alas I am still without a flaming death machine. Rings just sitting there collecting cyberdust.

Naturally, having overspent a bit and going easy this month to make up for it, the sick RNG sense of irony delivered up the tree. And I know I’m blessed but… Rings! I have 12 friggin’ rings and 1 tonic. -exits muttering


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