Mising Mystic vision

Hello its been about month without mistic Visions for ne. Is it problem with phone or the

game? How i can check this

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Try reset the app. Sometimes I can’t use MV, so I gotta close the app and open it again

My self and several alliance members have also been having problems getting to use the mystic vision. It is regrettable, as most are also free to play and really depend on this ever so slow way of receiving gems.
I am unsure, but believe most, if not all, are using android devices.
Some of these people are about to quit, as without this way of getting gems, it seems just that much more difficult to do any pulls.

Edit…some have said they have tried the resetting of their device and it did nothing. Personally it worked for me.

I open Mystic Vision 3x a day. For whatever reason, it sometimes does not provide an ad. I fix it by closing all notification and all apps, then restart/reboot my phone. It usually does the trick.

If it doesn’t work on your phone, try clearing the phone cache. You may also have blocked the ads in your phone setting unknowingly. Try opening your account on another phone. If it works on a different device, then the problem lies on your phone.

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