Misinformation or unclear purchase



the highlighted package to buy 2 red heroes, 2 red troops and 4 coins of epic heroes is wrong, it informs by marking the heroes and the troops that are at the maximum and I expected to buy at the highest level because they are shown, instead I bought the heroes and the troops at the lowest level, please refund the 1500 diamonds I spend or give me the ones that were published, the four coins of epic hero received them without problem, thank you very much.

my account is xx in the game and my username is xx


In small letters they say it is just what they can reach. No hero or troops are ever sold completely leveled


… except for trainer heroes, :wink:


See tiny note at bottom


please don’t publish your account information here! @Rook, can you help please?


so i lost 1500 gems? there’s no way refound?


No hero in the game is ever available at full strength. ALL heroes purchased by gems, or received by hero tokens, etc, ALWAYS start at level 1.

In the Summon Gate and in the Shop, they will show the heroes at maximum so you know, before obtaining them, what each hero is capable of. I often refer to the Summon Gate when someone asks me if a certain is worth leveling. I hope this helps you.

(As regards refunds, the deal was for x number of x color heroes for 1500 gems. Did you receive the correct number of heroes? The right color? Then the transaction was correct.)