Misinformation on Gullinbursti special skill description

I’m confused by the special skill description on maximum of the damage, there is 335 on the hero summary page

but 407 in the battle description.

Not sure which is the current setting (or Damage)

Thank you

That is strange but I’d take it if I were you haha

Just checked mine. Mine is maxed special with attack of 622 (6 emblems) - mine does 331 damage maximum

So i’m guessing the emblem nodes have boosted that damage for you but it isn’t showing on the hero card

It’s the attack bonus from troops


It’s similar to Damage Over Time - displayed damage in battle is affected by attack boost from your troops (or attack from emblems).

You can find more here: Understanding DoT (Damage over Time)


That makes sense! Hadn’t even considered troops

Doesn’t the emblem bonus show in the card? (At least it used to)

Yeah, upgrades to stats from emblems display immediately, not only in battle. I mentioned it mainly because people are sometime comparing their emblemed heroes with unemblemed cards (here, in summoning portal, on wikis etc.)

Thank you so much, I didn’t know DOT system. I thought the damage is default.

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