Misfits on a yeti hunt

Here’s the heroes I’m currently training up that I dont use on a regular basis. To you one or more of these may be old timey friends that have seen you through tough times… to me, they are the weirdos I shove all of my Sharans and Fletchers into!

Feels good to take em out for a brisk march in the snow looking for recruits.


Apart from Caedmon they’ve hardly got a shred of clothes between them!


Might toughen them up a bit. Pretty sure amphibians don’t like the cold

Proteus is hardly a misfit, he is one of the best in the game. Caedmon and Leo are both solid enough. The other two, particularly Agwe, I could take or leave


I’ve had Kelilie for almost a year now and finally started upgrading her as I wait for my Azlar’s last hidden blades. Proteus is my most recent pick up and I need Caed and Leo for titan teams, Agwe… I, uh… ummm…


… is blue.

That’s enough, surely?


Three out of five are good, I have Leonidas, Proteus and Caedmon. All pretty much solid in my opinion. I have fish boy Agwe but haven’t levelled him at all and the same goes for Kelile.


Proteus is not just good, he’s awesome and one of the best 4* heroes in the game.

Leonidas is quite underestimated. He really shines in PvP battles if everyone else of your heroes is dead and the opponent also has only few heroes left. His damage with self-heal and 40 % mana-cut allows him to master two, maybe even three opponent heroes alone.

Cædmon is also pretty good and even Kelile is quite okay. Agwe, well,… at least he might make autofarming 8/7 a bit quicker😂

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Do the redneck job…

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Here are my current projects. Kelile was my last s1-4* to receive. And believe it or not, I’ve beem playing as long as I have and am just now leveling melander.

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