Misfits of Storm - Laid back alliance - 11/12* Titans

Short Version:

Are you a burnt out veteran that still plays daily? Do you not care if we ever get above 12* titans? Do you have a def team of 4000TP at least? Then come on down to where no one gives a hoot cuz we’re all drunk on fun here at the “Misfits of Storm” alliance!

Come in, have fun daily, merc around… just use all war flags (if opting in) and help us smack around a few titans (if you miss one because you have a life… well you’ll fit right in)! Those with no humor (or who get upset when someone misses a Titan) need not apply. It’s a game… enjoy it with us!

Open alliance and currently THIRTEEN slots available! Pop in and check us out, heck bring your whole alliance if it’s small enough to fit. We don’t care. The more the merrier!

Long Version:

There once was a top 100 alliance named Eye of the Storm (EOTS). Great in its time, the alliance fell victim to separation as people became burned out or left for other reasons. Stragglers stayed behind and created the Gather Storm for continuing strong alliance efforts. This is where Thorspan comes in, recruited by a member via Facebook post.

As time went on, further separations followed and a new family called House of Storms (HS1) was created. Full of youth, and the untrained, It was a new beginning and is still a worthy alliance for many to this day. However, there were those with high level teams, now about 4200-4600+ TP that desired a little more…

They broke off and formed the Misfits of Storm alliance where high level teams, veterans of old with still a little warrior spirit left, could come and fight another day… a day of their own choosing… as their greatest battles were already behind them but they still enjoyed some daily play and even a little banter about the good ole days while mercing at will (not during wars of course, if opted in).

Strong and full it was until just a week ago. Some veterans, and a few newcomers, were eager to relive the glory days once more and found a more competitive alliance where titans were not missed, and 4* mats fall in great abundance due to taking down titans even higher than 12* (our typical max level).

Thus the days have now come upon us for a new beginning as we have 13 open spots to fill.

Do you have those who you feel are too laid back in your alliance and need a better home? Do you wish for a little rest yourself while still enjoying a good fight? Then come and join our open alliance the Misfits of Storm. Line is optional (Line ID: thorspan) and we welcome those who long for more than just glory but also a place to enjoy themselves among family.

We are here … come join us!

Oh one last thing, if we don’t get more people joining soon we’ll be dropping down from 11/12* titans since we just lost about 10 players… so hurry or happily help is go back up in difficulty later!

Ok this is my first time trying time recruit via the forums. Am I doing something wrong? What’s the secret?

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