Misfit Valhalla is recruiting

Misfit Valhalla is an new alliance that was formed after the leader of our old alliance went inactive for several weeks. We started a new alliance and committed to making a fun community to grow together. We are now looking to fill the holes in our roster as we expect to face our first 5 star titan in the next few days.
We have 12 spots available for active titan killers, must have ~300 trophies and ~2000 team power.
Happy Hunting

Hello I’m new but active, and can forfill requirements,
Gamename metallunatic will send request to alliance ,
Since playing joined to others and I’m disappointed need a good team , I’m a team player ! Many thanks

We’d be happy to have you. Let me know if you have any problems finding us.

welcome metallunatic to our little family … plenty more room … and you? are you coming?

There are still spaces available for active players who want to grow.

Our first 5* titan has spawned and boy does he look tasty, come check us out if you feel like titan for dinner.

Misfit Valhalla is still seeking members to fill our roster. We have 9 spots available for players with more than 300 trophies and 2000 team power and who attack titans consistently.
Come grow with us and good hunting

Hello, I have only been playing a few weeks but I have been very active in that time. The leader of my current alliance also went awol about a day after I join and I feel as if I have now become slightly stagnant in my game play. While I’m not always the most vocal team player, I always read the information and I do my best against the Titans, Many Thanks!

We’d love to have you, may I ask what’s your team power

Mt current tram is 2368

Sounds great, go ahead and search misfit Valhalla and hit join I’ll be sure that they kniwnto let you in. We are currently facing off against our first 6* so feel free to join the party. Let me kniw if yiu have any questions or problems finding us.

There are still 7 spot available and we just defeated our first 6* titan, come join us if you enjoy a nice titan steak.

There are 5 spots available for dedicated titan killers. Fighting 5 and 6 star titans.

Happy Hunting

Only four spots left grab 'em while they’re hot.

5 spots available. Come fightb5 and 6* titans

Currently fighting 5 and 6* titans cone join the fun.

Only 3 spots left and a nice 6* titan on the dinner plate. Come check us out.

ok … DUDU JUST GOT REAL ! … last 2 beds in our castle … do you want one? … just look for Misfit valhalla knock the door … The guys just chain me here to answer ! …

Still a few spots left. If you want to come kill 6* titans with a great group if people come join us

Only 1 spot left get it while it’s free.