Misclick made me loose my whole queue (recruits and food)

Ok, I am well familiar with loosing recruits and food if you don’t have space in storages.
However, I was just removing trainings from a queue and clicked too fast when the message popped up and the whole queue disappeared. I am lucky I guess that is was superfast training and there was about half an hour left, but still, that is like 60 recruits, just poof!!!
This really shouldn’t happen, if you misclick that warning, you should onlt use the 1 training, right? Not the whole queue?
I was just thinking, what if my queue was 2 weeks of legendary training and I misclicked?

I assume you sent a ticket

Not yet, but going to

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I cannot find the original post ( the forum user “vanished” it ).

But it sounds like this bug:

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No, that sounds a bit different, these weren’t finished heroes, I do think I collected the finished ones. I did press the cancel train8ng button I think, because I was just clicking the minus button to remove multiple trainings, until I ran out of space for recruits and then I clicked the pop-up by mistake. I think it says “yes, stop training”, normally you should just loose the 1 training, but I lost all. I am not too bothered with this loss because it was only about 60 recruits, but should be resolved, because it could easily happen with weeks of queued legendary trainings :scream:

10 finished heroes, 24 training heroes, enough room to remove 20 training heroes, not enough room for last 4 training heroes. You remove the 10 finished heroes, leaving 24 training heroes. You remove 21 training heroes, but only have enough food storage and recruit storage to remove 20, so you the the “Cancel training” pop up. You accidentally hit - Cancel training. You expected to lost 1 training heroes worth of resources but instead lost 4 training heros worth of recourses.

Sounds like the same problem. The client logic assumes if you are cancelling a crafting or training, you have collected all finished heroes/ items and do not care about any lost resources.

I can see the Devs fixing the lost finished heroes/ items bug.

But because they charge gems to speed up crafting/ training, they may deliberately leave in the “cancel all remaining crafting/ training” as an incentive to spend gems.

Personally I would change the “cancel all remaining crafting/ training” pop up from a generic “you will lost all resources” to “Do you want to cancel remaining crafting/ training and lose X food, Y iron, Z recruits, and the following ingredients/ ascension items?” Players can then make an informed decision about losing resources or spending gems or just waiting for everything to finish.

But you should just loose 1 training worth of recruits and food from one click, this is how it has always been. The wording of the message used to be very misleading, I even opened a topic then, in an update after they changed the wording and made it more clear you would loose both recruits and food, even if you did have space for one of those.

I just tested this with extra low cost training ( RT 11/ TC 11 ) and it only removed 1k food and 2 recruits for one click.

Starting conditions
Extra low cost training ( 1k food, 2 recruits per 1 training hero )
2 finished heroes
2 training heroes

canceling training once
auto received 2 finished heroes
1 training hero

=lost 1 training hero ( 1k food, 2 recruits )

Right. That is what should happen, but I lost about 30 trainings, so I made a ticket :slight_smile:

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